Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


We collect your data in several ways including when you choose to share it with us and when you shop our on-line channels. The tables below describe what we collect, how we collect it and why.

Your email or phone number

How we obtain your email or phone number

  • When you create an online account, we will ask for your phone number
  • When you shop our stores, we may ask for your email or phone number to contact you about your purchase
  • When you shop our website or app, or call our contact center to make a purchase, we ask you for your contact info
  • You may choose to receive marketing messages from us

Why we collect and how we use this info

  • Your phone number will be the username of your new account and we will text an authentication code to your phone for use in accessing your account
  • If you agree, we may use it to contact you about your purchase (e.g. to send you an e-receipt).
  • We need your contact info to give you updates about your order (e.g. to confirm your order, give you delivery info, etc.)
  • If you choose to receive marketing from us, we use your data to send you info about our latest and greatest products and services, like sales and contests.You can choose to stop talking to us any time, but we’ll miss you!

Other information about you such as your name, address and payment details

How we obtain other info about you

  • When you buy items from our website, app, or contact center we ask for your name, address, and contact info.
  • When you make an account, we ask for your birth date and may ask you for other info
  • When you contact us with a comment, question, or complaint, we’ll ask for information that identifies you.
  • If you post to our digital channels (such as reviews or pictures) we get the info you post.
  • When you request a swatch.

Why we collect and how to use this info

  • We need this info to: Process your order,deliver goods and services to you,process payments and communicate with you about the status of your order.
  • We use these details to give you birthday surprises and help you find what you are most interested in.
  • We need this to promptly respond to your.We may also use your feedback (in an anonymised form) to improve our products and services.
  • We use your feedback to improve your experience on our channels and to improve our products and services.
  • We use your info to mail you the swatch.