Stainless Steel Hook & Eye Set of 2 black
Stainless Steel Hook & Eye Set of 2
Stainless Steel Hook & Eye Set of 2 size measurements
Stainless Steel Hook & Eye Set of 2
Stainless Steel Hook & Eye Set of 2

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Iron Hook & Eye Set of 2

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Beautiful Cabin Hook Locks, Add Extra More Security to Your Home. If you want to take care for the smallest corners in your house, Protect your kids can not sneak out from room, Ensure your pets can not go out, Add privacy to any indoor opening, chest, cupboard, or cabinet. This product is all you need. Superior Material Iron 3 Inch,4 inch, 6 Inch , harder, durable and non-fading color over time. ✓ Designed from high quality, cast Stainless Steel Material. ✓ The cabin hooks feature in high quality, rust resistant coating. ✓ The unique non-slip design ensures maximum safety and security. ✓ The end hook is designed in a way that does not automatically unlock itself when force is applied to the door ✓ The eye latch is especially made for block of in ox with sufficient vents providing durability and especially preventing door/gate/window from slipping when encountering with high force.

MULTI FUNCTIONAL – A Solid Stainless Steel Cabin Hook / Latch that can be used in many places. ✓ Barn doors ✓ Window shutters ✓ Garage ✓ Closet ✓ Sheds ✓ Gates ✓ Cabinets It is used to manually lock and close a variety of doors and hinged products. Easy Installation We will provide 8 high quality mounting hardware screws and you only need a screwdriver to install.

- Installation Method : Screw fixing For attachment to a door and wall - Install the hook to closed doors first. Then attach the hook holder to the wall with the proper distance for the hook to close. Recommended for use on wood interior doors Specification - Material : Stainless Steel

- Size & Dimensions - 3 Inch- Dimensions: 3 inches x 1.5 inch x 0.7 inch - 4 Inch- Dimensions: 4 inches x 1.5 inch x 0.7 inch - 6 Inch- Dimensions: 6 inches x 1.5 inch x 0.7 inch - Weight (Include Style Weight + Packing) - 3 Inch Weight: 160 gram - 4 Inch Weight: 170 gram - 6 Inch Weight: 190 gram -Installation Method : Screw fixing

Package Include (Set Of 2 Or Pack Of 2) 2 × Cabin Hook 2 × Eye latch 4 × Screws

Extra Note- This is the unique and handmade nature, it may incur minor imperfections and measurement above may differ a little bit from real product.

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